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About Us

RITTA KHIBA PLANNING CONSULTANTS cc is a Namibian registered town and regional planning and environmental firm, owned and managed by a previously disadvantaged Namibian. The firm was established with a motto of ‘bringing services closer to the people, planning with people for the people and running with development while keeping the standards and serving each client diligently’.  Being the first black female led firm within the planning fraternity, Ritta Khiba Planning Consultants cc has an excellent, people centred and holistic approach to planning solutions. 

Our target market is every single individual, firm, government institution, owning and in need of land.  We stand in the gap between prospective and existing land owners that intend to purchase, develop, and re-develop land, and any relevant authority that is in the business of acquiring and/or distributing land in Namibia and in Africa at large. 

From the onset, the firm employs people-centred approaches where individuals, firms, institutions, government etc. form part of the planning process from the inception till the completion of the planning project. We are engaged an integrated planning approach, that recognises community dynamics, all sectors involved in the planning and land delivery process so as to bring forth practical solutions for land issues in the country.



RITTA KHIBA – Principal Member
Ritta Khiba and her planning team brings with immense experience in Town and Regional planning of over many years which were spent in the local municipal environment, private practice and the academic fraternity till date.
Qualifications: M. Town and Regional Planning, Postgraduate Dipl. Environmental Management, NDipl. Public Administration, Cert. Regional and Local Government & Management.

Ludmilla Haimbodi - Admin Support Staff

Erkenwald Khiba - Associate Member (Civil Engineer)

Charisma T. Shipena  - Town & Regional Planning Officer

Gerhardus Beukes - Town Planning Officer



Leadership: Becoming the most leading and effective planning firm and through innovative methods better & shape the future without compromising our ethics.

Synergy: Forming synergies and cooperation with all planning firms to share planning solutions for the challenges nations are faced with, and produce and improve results.

Integrity: It is our belief that Honesty is a virtue that is earned.

Accountability: Giving account on what we do and how we do it.

Excellence: Excellency is our driving force as we have committed ourselves to our clients and stakeholders to be reliable, able to deliver quality and implementable projects and programme.

Our values and ethics serve as the directional compass for our actions and how we relate to our stakeholders and clients. They define who we are and how we conduct our business daily with ourselves, our clients and all stakeholders.

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